{138} Are you mine?

Lately, I am putting up my "things" to the wind very often, but this stuff was to much beautiful for not do it, soooo :)
  • +elua+ Kezia_Lightblonde pack
  • Astralia - Nipples heart piercings with HUD @N21
  • Astralia - Chastity belt set (it includes bracelet) @ROMP
  • Astralia - Feline claws (Maitreya bento) @BISHBOX
    • Mainstore is currently closed for redecorating, you can find some of the old products on MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/100371
      If you are looking for something not included in the MP page, send to Astralia Resident a notecard and she will add the product as soon as posible,